Turntablist / Party Rocker

     Dj Skip Rip turns heads with fiery turntablism, backed by a lengthy track record of continued excellence, a dizzying list of spectacular shows, projects and mixtapes under his belt.


Steadily elevating status from the days of 400+ people house parties and underground Hip Hop shows to the performing arts complex, galas, and festivals. To add to his accomplishments, in 2010 he was Technics DMC Denver Vice Champion and a US Finalist that has shared the stage with greats such as: Redman, Method Man, Flobots, Talib Kweli, Slick Rick, Pharcyde, Slum Village, Dj Mike Relm, and an EXTENSIVE list of others.


 Dj Skip Rip has been called upon for his diverse skillset by organizations of all types. Nike, SkullCandy, Spyder, University of Denver, Colorado College, Mental Health America, and RedBull are amongst a long list of many to have him perform.


Techniques Dj Skip Rip employs in the mixing process with no set ever being played the same way twice. Each set is unique, one of a kind amalgamation of preparation and freestyle. Tracks are coordinated in an ultimate display of blending, scratching, juggling and live remixing. Each set is guaranteed to introduce the listener to new music while transforming the familiar into a new work of audio art.


The musical range of Dj Skip Rip is equally astonishing while based in hip hop, his range extends well beyond to EDM (Trap, D&B/Jungle), Soul, Funk, Classic Rock, Downtempo Lounge, 80’s and even world music. Whether it’s a festival or an intimate gathering, Dj Skip Rip’s galvanizing artistry is a sure bet to keep the crowd energized.

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